Paying close attention to detail, Kratki provides a stunning selection of timeless designs making your fireplace the focal point of your home.


Kratki uses world class fireplace technology to ensure maximum heat efficiency and a more enjoyable fire in your home.



Kratki offers a 5 year guarantee. Their products are made with select quality materials & designed to last for many years.


Extensive testing has been done in European laboratories to achieve certification. The fireplaces exceed 70% thermal efficiency & CO output below 0.3%.

Our fireplaces

The Kratki brand offers a range of cast iron fireplaces, made with class 200 cast iron with a minimum wall thickness of 8mm, and a range of steel fireplaces, manufactured with 4mm think steel and combustion chambers lined with highly refractory ceramic. We offer both build-in and freestanding fireplaces as well as bioethanol and closed combustion gas units.

Kratki fireplaces are made in Poland to conform to strict EU standards and regulations. Each fireplace is designed with strength and quality in mind – providing you with heated comfort throughout every winter.

Kratki K7 fireplaces
Kratki ABS fireplaces
Kratki K8T fireplaces
Kratki ARKE fireplaces

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