Kratki Antares freestanding wood burning fireplace


Freestanding | Wood burning | Steel | Circular

The Kratki PICARD is part of the freestanding, wood-burning fireplace range. It is a sizeable freestanding fireplace that becomes a stylish statement piece in any room. The Kratki PICARD is designed to be perfectly circular with modern and clean lines. The curved glass door allows for a wide-angle view into the fire while it’s burning. The PICARD is a closed-combustion stove with specialised Kratki ceramics lining its combustion chamber. These heat-intensifying ceramics drastically increase the heat output of the fireplace. View or download the Kratki PICARD product card.

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R 35,200

Recommended retail price
(Subject to location)


  • Heat output: 12kW
  • Heating Capacity: 160 – 300m3
  • Strength of materials: 4mm steel with Kratki heat-intensifying ceramics
  • Weight: 137kg
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • CO Emissions: 0.1%
  • Flue pipe diameter: 150mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 518 x 522 x 1261
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  • Improved strength and performance with heat-intensifying ceramics lining the combustion chamber.
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary combustion, with control.
  • Panoramic curved glass with air wash glass cleaning system.
  • Direct air intake to combustion chamber for option of external fresh air system.
  • Option of top or back flue outlet.
  • Heat resistant glass withstands temperatures of 800°C.
  • Removable ash box for easy cleaning.
  • Meets requirements of EU Ecodesign and German BImSchV 2 norm.
  • 5-year warranty.

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