Kratki Leo 100 insert gas fireplace

Kratki LEO 100

Built-in | Gas burning | 9.5 kW

The Kratki LEO 100 is part of the built-in gas range of fireplaces. It is modern in its design and offers a wide and clear view of the flames. The coaxial flue pipe systems ensure that this gas fireplace is a sealed and safe system.

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R 85,900

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(Subject to location)


  • Heat output: 9.5kW
  • Heating Capacity: 110 – 240m3
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Efficiency: Class 2
  • Gas consumption: 0.6m3 / hour (kg/LPG)
  • Flue pipe diameter: Coaxial 100/150mm

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  • Improved strength and performance with 4mm thick steel firebox.
  • Closed combustion gas fireplace with radiant and natural convection.
  • Balanced coaxial flue pipe ensures safety by creating a safe, sealed system.
  • The fireplace turns off automatically if problems with the air-exhaust fumes, flue flow capacity or gas supply are encountered.
  • CE certified, guarantees safety, health and environment protection.
  • Complete temperature control using a dedicated LCD remote with a built-in thermostat.
  • Flame height adjustment via remote control.
  • Battery powered, does not require electricity.
  • Heat resistant glass withstands temperatures of 800°C.
  • Option of ceramic logs or decorative white stones.

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