Kratki Antares freestanding wood burning fireplace

Kratki Patio M

Freestanding | Mobile | Gas | Steel & Glass

This modern and high-end open gas fireplace and patio heater provides both instant heat and warm ambiance to your environment. The fixed wheels on the underside make it easy to move over flat surfaces, both inside and outdoors, making it the perfect, all-round heating solution for your home or apartment. View or download the Kratki PATIO M product card.

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R 24,900

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  • Modern design using steel and glass.
  • Open gas burning fireplace that provides instant heat and ambiance to any environment.
  • Sturdy base with rear door for hidden storage of 11kg or 9kg gas bottle.
  • Square shaped burner for unique flame effect.
  • The wheels fixed on underside allow for easy and convenient mobility.
  • The 5 glass panels provide safety from coming in contact with the flame.
  • The glass panels reflect the flame, creating a multi-fire visual effect.
  • 9 kg gas bottle: Up to 24 hours of continual use.
  • 11 kg gas bottle: Up to 30 hours of continual use.

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