Kratki fireplace library
Kratki has an extensive range of high-end fireplaces on offer. As one of Europe’s leading fireplace manufacturers, the company incorporates the latest technologies into each of its products. The various designs range from modern and sleek to traditional and classic. With both wood burning and gas units available, Kratki has a fireplace to suit any home or building project. The image gallery below showcases a small selection of the full catalogue. Click on the images to view the enlarged versions.
Kratki Delta Flat – Bioethanol fireplace
Kratki ABS Gas – Gas fireplace
Kratki Mila PW – Wood log fireplace
Kratki Picard – Wood log fireplace
Kartki Delta 2 – Bioethanol fireplace
Kratki K8T – Wood log fireplace
ratki MBO PBS – Wood log fireplace
Kratki K5 – Wood log fireplace
Kratki Lucy 12 BS Slim – Wood log fireplace
Kratki Antares – Wood log fireplace
Kratki Juno 12 – Wood log fireplace
Kratki Leo 70 – Gas fireplace
Kratki Thor 8 View – Wood log fireplace
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Source: Open City Architects

Kratki Leo 200 – Gas fireplace
Kratki VNP – Wood log fireplace
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