Why choose Kratki?

When choosing a fireplace, homeowners should pay attention to the type and quality of materials used.

Built to last

You can be assured of the quality and durability of Kratki fireplaces. Kratki is the leading fireplace brand in Poland where the average winter temperature is -3°C throughout the winter season. Furthermore, Kratki fireplaces are covered by a 10-year warranty in their home country of Poland which has far longer and colder winters than we are exposed to in South Africa.

Considering that the Kratki fireplaces are designed to withstand many years of harsh Polish winters, our South African clients can be confident that their chosen fireplace will easily withstand our shorter and less severe winters.


We believe that your fireplace should be an investment. It should increase your home value while providing many years of warmth, comfort and enjoyment during winter. A good quality fireplace should be designed with strength and durability at its core to last for the long term.

Do not be fooled by inferior-quality fireplaces that will need to be replaced after a few seasons.

Trust Kratki – our fireplaces are built strong and built to last. The brand has over 1,000,000 users worldwide and a well-established reputation for top, long-lasting quality.

kratki quality closed combustion fireplace

Heat-intensifying ceramics

Ceramics have the best thermal properties when it comes to the choice of materials available for lining the internal burn chamber of steel fireplaces.

Ceramics have a far better lifespan and more heating potential than other inferior materials, such as vermiculite or fire bricks. For these reasons, Kratki has chosen to use ceramics inside their steel fireplace range.

Their signature ceramics are designed to reflect intense heat through the glass into the room. This is well-suited to South African homes where we look for the convenience of instant heating.

As the fireplace reaches temperature (in about 40 minutes with dry wood), the dark soot is burnt off the ceramics and they are cleaned back to their light appearance. When this occurs, the fireplace has reached optimal temperature and is now reflecting the intense heat through the glass. This heat also helps to clean the soot off the glass door and offer a beautifully clear view of the flames within.
– Kratki Fireplaces South Africa

Double layer cast iron

Nearly all of the Kratki cast iron freestanding fireplaces are built with a double layer of durable cast iron, including the K6, K8, K8T and K9 models.

There is an outer layer of cast iron and a second, internal layer consisting of cast-iron panels.

The advantage of double-layer cast iron is that, if in the lifespan of the product, there is any damage caused by the intense heat, then only an internal panel needs to be replaced as opposed to replacing the entire fireplace.

Kratki quality cast iron fireplaces


Leading manufacturers will only use the highest quality glass available as it improves both the performance and lifespan of the fireplaces.

The heat-resistant glass that Kratki uses across their range can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.

The Kratki freestanding fireplace ranges that are circular or oval in their design include curved glass to offer a more beautiful, panoramic view of the fire.

ARKE range fan systems

The Kratki ARKE insert range is a popular choice with SA homeowners. The range comes standard with built-in fans in the base of the fireplace to distribute the heat more effectively.

The electrical load-shedding in SA can cause problems with most brands’ as the power cut turns the fans off during operation. As a result, the heat inside the chamber can transfer through the metal base of the fireplace, causing damage and burn out to the fans.

Fortunately, the bases of all the ARKE fireplaces have a thick layer of ceramics that reflect the heat and protect the fans underneath in the case of electrical load-shedding or power loss. In the last 5 years, and with hundreds of Kratki ARKE fireplaces sold around SA, we have not had a single fan burn out from overheating.

Kratki fireplaces south africa ceramics

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