Kratki Arke 95


The Arke range is designed as an insert fireplace which allows for easy installation and reduced building work. The range comes standard including the finishing frame and convection box. Kratki’s heat-intensifying ceramics line the inside of the fireplace chamber, greatly increasing the performance of the fireplace. This thick layer of ceramics that reflects the heat also helps to keep the glass clean along with the air-wash glass cleaning system. The fireplace grate is well-designed with thick reinforced cast iron. This wood-burning fireplace has a front slide-out, removable ash box for easy cleaning.

Why choose Kratki?

Technical specifications

The Kratki insert fireplaces pair sleek and contemporary design with the most modern technology in fireplace combustion. With very impressive technical specifications, this closed-combustion fireplace is an excellent heating solution for anyone looking for a high-performance, modern, built-in unit. Designed as an insert fireplace, this firebox is easy to install and requires reduced building work.

Considering that these fireplaces are built to last Poland’s harsh winters, Kratki’s built-in Arke range is manufactured with thick, high-quality steel – which is reflected in the solid weight of each insert fireplace. The Arkes boast a sizeable glass window, providing a beautiful view of the flames once the fire has been lit. For improved safety and performance, as well as to increase their lifespan, the heat-resistant glass that Kratki uses is of the highest quality. Thanks to the specialised, air-wash glass cleaning system, the soot deposits on the fireplace glass are greatly reduced. In addition, the units come with a removable ash box for simple and easy cleaning.

The burn chambers of the Arke units are lined with Kratki’s signature ceramics. When it comes to the choice of materials that can be used inside a fireplace chamber, these thick, heat-intensifying ceramics offer the best thermal properties available.

The Arke range provides primary and secondary combustion. By utilising both forced convection and radiant heating technology, these units offer a cleaner burn and the maximum heat output. As an efficient, closed-combustion fireplace, most of the heat generated by the burning wood is released more effectively into the room for your comfort.

All Kratki’s wood-burning fireplaces come with a 5-year warranty. As a result, you can be confident that your fireplace has been designed with strength and durability at its very core and will last for many years to come.

Additional information

Weight 154 kg
Dimensions 102 × 47.1 × 62.4 cm
CO emissions




Country of manufacture




Fan system


Flue pipe diameter




Heat output

16.5 kW

Heating capacity

190 – 415m3




5-year warranty

Ash pan


Combustion technology

Primary and secondary combustion


Standard door

Flue exit