Kratki Delta Flat


The Delta Flat is part of Kratki’s bioethanol fireplace range. This wall-mounted unit is a good option for those looking to add some ambience to their space. It’s also a popular choice for heating bedrooms or smaller apartments. The installation is simple – simply hang on the wall using the two mounting screws (included in the set).

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Why choose Kratki?

Technical specifications

Bioethanol fuel gives a clean burn with no harmful emissions. Kratki bioethanol fireplaces can therefore be used without any flue pipes and offer an easy installation solution. These fireplaces provide a beautiful flame and bring atmosphere to your space. While these bioethanol fireplaces do provide some heat, it’s not enough to be felt in a large area. For heating purposes, they are well suited for smaller spaces such as bedrooms or smaller apartments. The Kratki bioethanol range has the German TUV certification. Never add fuel to a bioethanol fireplace when the unit is hot. Wait for it to cool before refilling.

Additional information

Weight 13.3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 12 × 40 cm


Country of manufacture







2-year warranty

Combustion technology

Ventless bioethanol

Tank size

0.4 litres

Flame length


Burning time

± 1.5 hours